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작성자 Museum News
작성일 2008-11-19 (수) 13:01
ㆍ조회: 2433  
Lounges hospitality a hit




Canterbury Museum's Exhibition Team had a very busy autumn season with the

dynamic Around the World in 30 Lounges exhibition putting their organisational skills to

the test.  
The successful exhibition, which welcomed Museum cisitors into the living rooms of thirty ethnic communities over a ten-week period, closed on a 6 May 2007.

Around the World in 30 Lounges was a complex exhibition to plan and deliver.

The concept of completely dismantling and then reinstalling the exhibition every two

weeks was challenging, particularly when the Exhibitions Team had almost no idea of exactly what items would be on display until the arriveed on se-up day. Exhibitions Manager Stephen Ruscoe and his team worked closely with each community on their respective lounges, with community members providing furniture and decorations from their homes. Stephen said in most cases the communities had a very clear idea of how they wanted the room
to look and the Exhibitions Team was on hand to provide specialist support, for example

in creating the mud walls that featured in lounges of Afghanistan, Zimbabwe,

 Ethiopia and Kurdistan.

                           Members of the Korean community enjoy their lounge
                         in the first group of Around the World in 30 Lounges

 A benefit of Around the World in 30 Lounges has been the opportunity to engage with community groups who may not otherwise have visited the Museum. Stephen emphasised that the Museum is a place for all the people of Canterbury and this exhibition has certainly proved that to be true, with record numbers of visitors taking the opportunity to learn more about their neighbours. The Todd Foundation was the major sponsor of this exhibition,

 and Executive Director Kate Frykberg stated "the people of these communities have given Christchurch a huge gift. They have quite literally invited us into their homes and we cannot thank them enough."
                                                        Korean Lounges

 The exhibition was a collaboration between many parties including the Settling In project and the Office of Ethnic Affairs. Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna O Waiwhetu also took

part in the initiative with Around the World in Three Discussion, series of public debates

on multiculturalism, migration and identity. The Human Rights Commission presented Canterbury Museum with a certificate recognising the contribution of the exhibition to promoting knowledge and understanding between the diverse groups within New Zealand 
                                                       Winter 2007
                                           Canterbury Museum News

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Lavendale  is located approximately 23km from Christchurch city,
towards Akaroa on Highway No. 75